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Trends for Spas and Salons in 2017

There is a growing awareness today that health and wellness is not only about looking beautiful, it goes far beyond that and crosses the borders of feeling beautiful too. This is what the beauty industry in 2017 has till date primarily been based on. Spas and salons, partly to beat the severe competitive environments and stay ahead in the race and partly to stay technologically tuned to modern innovations are devising novel ways to draw in patrons.

What then are the trends for salons and spas in 2017?

  • Going beyond the simple haircuts –

    The more specialised services that you offer your clients, the more you will add value to their visits. This is the primary trend for 2017. Go beyond the usual haircuts and shampoos and explore avenues based on modern technological innovations in the beauty industry. One of the ways that you can do so is to install permanent hair removal IPL products in your salon. These devices are easy to handle and offer quick permanent hair removal in 4 to 5 monthly sessions. Most importantly, these machines are safe and have almost no side effects. By installing this equipment you will be taking your salon and spa to the next level and increase sales exponentially.

However, it should be ensured that you buy the best devices in the market. For IPL machines, you will do well to source such equipment from Universal IPL, leading importers and distributors in Australia. Apart from permanent hair removal devices, also on offer are skin rejuvenation equipment and those meant for microdermabrasion and tattoo removal.

  • Having a mobile friendly setting –

    The huge boom in smart phone usage has made it almost mandatory to have a mobile friendly setting in the spa. Any public place today is having provisions for facilitating mobile phone usage and your salon and spa should not be an exception in this regard. Keep up with the changing times in 2017 and have charging outlets at all work stations along with standardised charging cords. Clients are not expected to carry chargers around with them. Provide complimentary Wi-Fi too. Do not worry about data usage. In any case, the phones will be idle when the client is availing services. It is only when they are waiting in the reception area will Wi-Fi will b e normally used. Catering to clients for whom using smart phones is almost an addiction will surely strengthen relationships.

  • Create a mobile app –

    Have a good user-friendly simply interface mobile app created for your business. Most people depend on their small hand held Internet enabled devices to search for products and services before arriving at a purchase decision. If you do not cater to this segment of population you will be losing out on incremental business opportunities. You can be sure that you will be getting more business through online booking than through any other medium. This is the drift of the beauty sector today.

  • Do away with the reception desk –

    The huge block of wood separating the client and your receptionist has become irrelevant today. The trend today is to have the full range of booking related customer services automated. A small workstation with a computer system is replacing the huge and imposing reception desks. Keep track of all online as well as phone booking and install automated reminder and confirmation call systems. Have procedures where SMS generated appointment confirmations and reminders are sent to patrons. Apart from streamlining the administrative processes it will also add a personalised touch to your services.

These are some of the trends for spas and salons in 2017. Implement them to keep up with the times.