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The Many Sides to Medical Aesthetic Procedures

Over the last couple of decades, the aesthetic medical sector has gone through a massive churn. Traditional methodologies of beauty care treatments have gone for a toss, being replaced by advanced treatments done on state of the art machines with cutting edge technologies. Procedures that required surgical interventions with prolonged downtime are now done in under half an hour with laser operated machines and the patient can resume normal activity immediately after.

Today, the scenario is such that there are multiple options open to candidates opting for beauty care treatments. In fact if you want scars and wrinkles removed from your face, it will be difficult to make a choice as to what medical aesthetic process will be most suitable for you. Hence it is very essential that you know in some detail the many aspects of medical aesthetic procedures before treatment is started.

There are many options open to you but the focus here will be on treatments that are very popular amongst patients, have quick recovery times and are not very expensive.

  • Laser Hair Removal – With laser hair removal, the era of razors, depilatory creams, waxing and tweezing has been given a quiet burial. Now, this process offers long term solutions and in most cases permanent hair removal. In this treatment, Laser light emitting from a hand held device is held against the area under treatment. The rays of light enter the skin and are absorbed by melanin situated at the root of the hair. Melanin is the element that stimulates hair growth and is responsible for colour of hair. Light energy is transformed to heat energy and the melanin along with the hair follicle is destroyed.

However, laser is only effective on growing hair and hence a number of sessions of treatment are required for complete hair removal. Laser hair removal cost depends on the extent of area being worked on. Back, legs, upper arms is charged more than removing hair from the face as it is a limited and small area.

  • Laser IPL skin rejuvenation – Laser beams are used for a wide range of skin rejuvenation processes. It is a very effective procedure for removing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scar, birth marks and pigmented lesions. In this process, laser beams enter the top layer of the skin and gently simulate the body’s natural systems that remove dead cells. Along with this, production of collagen is boosted. Collagen is the element that gives the skin a young and fresh taut look. With the removal of dead cells, new cells are exposed.

The acne scar treatment laser cost depends on how stubborn the scar is and the number of sessions required for its complete and total removal.

  • Botox injections – This form of treatment has always been closely linked with celebrities and is a lot cheaper than expensive cosmetic surgeries. The toxin in the injections blocks nerve endings to the skin and thus offers a dramatic improvement in skin tone. Each session lasts for approximately half an hour including preparation time. Results are best seen when done by an accredited and certified cosmetic surgeon.

These are some of the most sought after medical aesthetics treatments available today.


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