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Marketing Ideas for Beauty Business

The beauty business is a severely competitive one and growing exponentially. In this cut-throat race for more and more customers, it is only the fittest in the business that can withstand the pressures of the industry and take a lead over others through optimised marketing ideas and strategies.

Any marketing campaign that you as a salon and spa owner intend to plan out should be done keeping the modern business environment in mind. Going digital is the modern mantra and you too should follow this route. The first task is to have a website created and developed by a well known digital marketing agency at your location and have the site optimised for increased online presence and visibility. This is because most of your incremental business of new clients will be from among those who will be searching for top salons and spas in the locality from their smart phones. Hence not ranking high enough on results pages of major search engines and not coming to the attention of searchers will only mean lost business opportunities for you.

Another marketing idea that you can easily implement is offering value for money instead of discounts and rebates. Temporarily lowering prices of services will only bring you short term gains while providing offers that complement each other will have a long term effect. For instance, consider a salon with an IPL machine in Australia. If after a microdermabrasion session your staff can convince a client that a deep  conditioning treatment will be a highly relaxing experience, you can be sure that the next time she comes in for a skin rejuvenation procedure, she will opt for both combined. Your sales and turnover thereby grows automatically. Incidentally, one of the leading importers and distributors of technologically advanced beauty care equipment in this country is Australian Aesthetic Devices.

While on the subject of new marketing ideas, it is absolutely necessary that you have an app for your beauty salon and spa. Not only will you be directly in touch with your clients through notifications about the latest services and special offers, you will also take a load of your existing front office staff. Bookings and follow- up of appointments can be made by clients online. This will also result in a more personalised approach; a factor that is crucial for growth of a customer centric business.

It is important that you cash in on the festive season and holiday parties with special events and drives. This is the time that most consumers opt for salon and spa services and your plan should be such that most existing as well as potential customers are driven your way. You can even cross-publicise your services in tandem with another establishment. For example, create a hair removal or tattoo removal promo especially designed for gym freaks and in exchange offer to keep a promo of a gym with which you have tied up on your front desk. It is a win-win situation for both.

Finally, one small point for salon owners and their staff – any marketing plan of yours should be a practice of what you preach. You cannot convince a client of a gorgeous haircut or styling if yours or your employees’ hair is in a mess. Groom impeccably to win clients.


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