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Characteristics that make a Successful Salon Owner

All salon owners more or less follow standard cookie cutter methods – install state of the art equipment, hire experienced workers, ensure a friendly ambience and get the best of furniture and fittings. As a salon owner, if you too fall in this line it puts you in a group with many others. However, to get ahead of the pack, you have to have something extra, something that will set you apart from the others. What then is that spark that you need? It is your characteristics, your personality and your determination to succeed that will help you pull away from the field.

So what are the traits that you should have to become a successful salon owner?

  • Upgrade skills sets and knowledge – The beauty business is a fast evolving one and it is essential that you keep pace with it. Take measures to upgrade your skill sets and knowledge on various aspects of your business. Attend seminars and workshops, read white papers that are released by those who are authorities on the subject. After getting a thorough grip over the latest innovations in the market, your first task should be to implement them as much as possible in your salon. You can be sure that you will soon steal a march over competitors in your location.

  • Patience- It is an attribute that generally all business owners have in degrees small or large. However, as a salon owner, this is what is most important for you. You are always dealing not with inanimate objects like plant and machinery but with live customers who can at the slightest drop in service leave you altogether. So it is to your benefit to cultivate tons of patience and always look for a way out of problems – consistently with a smile.

Clients who see that you have the ability to meet even their sometimes strange and out-of-the-way demands will patronise you for life.

  • Personalised touch – There is nothing more effective to hold on to a client than pampering the ego and making her feel that she is the most important customer of your clinic, not that you have to do much for this. Develop your social skills and express a genuine interest in your clients. Be on a first name basis – be careful, not everyone might like it – and learn to take in your stride a few idiosyncrasies of your clients. Show that you are genuinely bothered about their well being. This will need an exceptional level of charisma but then the hallmark of a successful salon owner is excellent public relations.

  • Determination – Determination and a will to succeed against all odds is a “must have” characteristic of a salon owner. As an entrepreneur, you will face a lot of challenges but you have to meet them head-on and overcome them. One of the most daunting problems faced by most salon owners is stagnancy and a drop in business. It happens to even the best of beauty salons and spas. It is in these situations that your mettle will be truly tested. Sit down with a business consultant and analyse where you have gone wrong. It might be erroneous marketing strategies or it might be that you have not kept up with the times and have not introduced the services that are currently the rage amongst salon goers.

The reason however is not important. What is crucial is your ability and determination to get off the floor and take corrective measures to bring your salon back on track.

A salon venture is a highly customer centric business. All your main traits and characteristics should focus on making them feel happy and contended through your services and your behaviour in equal measure.